Gros Piton Saint Lucia
🇱🇨St. Lucia

Gros Piton: The More Substantive Saint Lucia Piton

It is the larger of the two iconic Saint Lucia Pitons, a fact made plain by its very name. It also attracts more visitors than Petit Piton, by virtue of its much less challenging hiking trail. Gros Piton, though, is arguably less popular than its sister summit. It just doesn’t have PP’s uniquely distinctive conical shape.

Gros Piton, though, is stunning in her own right, and so much more than a pretty picture.

The second-highest peak in all of Saint Lucia, Gros Piton is also a haven of biodiversity. A good 148 different plant species are found along her slopes; 51 more than Petit Piton.

Nearly 30 different species of birds call Gross Piton home. Their neighbors include eight types of reptiles, three indigenous rodents, three species of bats, and three amphibians.

Oh, and you can also always find a Manicou or two here as well.



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