Habitation Clement

Habitation Clément Domaine de L’Acajou, Martinique

In the world of rhum agricole, there is no more exalted address. Domaine de L’Acajou, the main house at Habitation Clément. It was the private home of the Clément family for 99 years (1887–1996). Now, it’s a shrine to the genius that was Homère Clément.

“The Godfather of Rhum Agricole,” Homère effectively pioneered and popularized the entire concept of producing rum directly from fresh-pressed sugarcane, rather than molasses. To be sure, rhum agricole as we know it and love it today would not be a thing without this man.

At the same time, though, Homère Clément was MUCH more than just a rhum savant.

Homère was a doctor. He was a politician. In fact, he was the politician who put Martinique back on its feet following the disastrous 1902 eruption of Mt. Pelée.

Most notably, though, Homère Clément was black.

For any man to achieve all that Homère did in a lifetime is impressive. That Homère Clément was black and achieved all that he did during the racially charged mid 1800s to early 1920s seems almost impossible.

Domaine de L’Acajou at Habitation Clément, though, serves as surviving proof of Homère Clément’s amazing life. His perseverance. His everlasting contributions to Martinican society.

Much like Devon House, the stately mansion home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire in Kingston, Habitation Clément inspires the boundless possibilities of a bright future for young Afro-Caribbean kids by celebrating the past.


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