Côte des Arcadins Sunset, Haiti | SBPR

Haiti – Côte des Arcadins Sunset

Even with all of its troubles – its natural disasters, tumultuous politics, etc. – Haiti remains blessed with awe-inspiring natural beauty. As elsewhere, you tend to have to look harder for it in some parts of the country than in others. La Côte des Arcadins is one such corner of Haiti where said beauty is easily found. This is especially true along the shores that line Moulin Sur Mer, one of a handful of resorts in La Côte. On my last visit here a few years ago, I stared in wide wonder from the shallows as the sun set over Gonave Island. The colors, the calm – it was just like any other dreamy tropical beach setting somewhere in the Caribbean. At the same time, though, it was unlike anywhere on earth.

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