Street art in Noailles, Haiti | SBPR

Haitian Street Art Shines in Noailles

The amazing local art on display in the various galleries and museums that proliferate the Port-au-Prince/Pétion-Ville primary urban centers of Haiti, as well as special hotels like the Marriott Port-au-Prince, provide near-endless rewards for culturally curious art lovers. Equally inspiring, though, is Haitian street art, especially the works found in the uncommon artists’ enclave of Noailles. The celebrated and somewhat noisy village is known chiefly for producing a wide array of wondrous iron works – sculptures, wall hangings, mirrors, furniture, light fixtures, etc. – all fashioned by hand from old, discarded oil drums. On my most recent visit here, though, my attention centered chiefly on colorful murals like this one. Haitian street art adorns the walls of many of the artisan workshops here. The art provides a bit of branding panache that works to differentiate one shop from the next. It all adds to the flavor of a very special place eminently teeming with artistic talent.

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