Hope Town Beach

Hope Town Beach, Abaco, The Bahamas

You wouldn’t expect Hope Town Beach to be free of crowds. This sweet stretch of white sand extends along the northeast coast of Elbow Cay. Infinitely charming Hope Town, the principal settlement on Elbow Cay, is easily among the most popular destinations in the Abacos. Daytrippers and stayover visitors revel in the historic town’s quiet streets (no cars allowed), its iconic candy-striped lighthouse, distinctive architecture, and fantastic eateries.

(Tour a bit of Hope Town in this earlier post.)

Hope Town Beach, though, largely looks like this most of the time. The reason: Tahiti Beach, one of the world’s most insanely beautiful beaches lies just four miles to the south.

Tahiti definitely attracts larger crowds, but opting for Hope Town does yield some nice rewards. In addition to sweet seclusion, these shores are also renowned as a haven for beach glass.



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