Indian River, Dominica | SBPR

Idling Up Indian River, Dominica

Mother Nature rules supreme in Dominica like nowhere else in the West Indies. The youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, Dominica is constantly evolving, with persistent geothermal-volcanic activity progressively changing the landscape and fortifying her nutrient-rich soil. The result is jaw-dropping scenes of natural wonder, like this small slice of the Indian River near the northern town of Portsmouth. I was here several years ago, long before Hurricane Maria happened by. I remember being positively amazed at the increasing density of the jungle as we made our way further up river toward Bush Bar, Dynamite, and one of the more memorable bar experiences I’ve ever had. As Mother Nature holds such sway in Dominica, I’ve no doubt that the jungle, and the river that runs through it, have bounced back to a large degree now, nearly a year since the storm. As far as all else that there is to see and experience in this most special island, we hope to have a lot more to report on that very soon.

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