Kitesurfing Hadicurari Beach, Aruba

Kitesurfing Hadicurari Beach (Aka: The Huts) in Aruba

Experts and amateurs rarely mix well in the world of kitesurfing. The fight for space out on the water is often fierce along the sport’s most popular shores. This leads many newbies to hang up their kites before they ever actually catch any air. Such is not the case, however, for those keen on kitesurfing Hadicurari Beach in Aruba. The flat seas and white sands of Hadicurari stretch north from Aruba’s uber-touristy Palm Beach resort area. A quieter and a bit more local beach vibe envelopes these shores, underscored by the fisherman huts that line Hadicurari. The huts are so synonymous with the beach that Hadicurari is more widely known as “Fishermen’s Huts,” or simply “The Huts.”

Kitesurfers may not have huts here (at least I think they don’t), but Hadicurari is no less a home to them. And by them, I do mean ALL of them…even beginners!

A series of flags out in the water designate separate areas where kiters can safely shred based on their ability. The white flag section closest to shore is reserved for beginners. Blue flag waters are for intermediate kiteboarders, while red flags are where you’ll find the experts.

Winds are stronger and water depths progressively greater as you move up the flag hierarchy. It’s a good system that ensures harmony when kitesurfing Hadicurari. 


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