Lay Bay St. Maarten

Speeding Away from Lay Bay Along The Southern Coast of Sint Maarten

It’s a mere eight minutes flying time from Sint Maarten to Anguilla. The quick trip is extremely convenient, assuming you’re not averse to tiny airplanes. Unless you own/charter a private jet, there really is no faster way to escape to Anguilla. (Note: All that will change in December 2021, though, when American Airlines inaugurates new nonstop Miami-Anguilla service.) There are, however, benefits to opting for the longer ferry service route. Beautiful views like this of St. Maarten is one of them. You’re looking at the cosmopolitan coastline that hugs Lay Bay along the southern coast of St. Maarten. The colorful collection of hotels, resorts, villas, guest houses, and private homes here cascade to the south. All the reds, yellows, oranges, blues, and whites complement the natural greens in the hills above. For me, speeding away to Anguilla exactly one week ago today, this fleeting look at Lay Bay gave me the same kind of hopeful feeling I often get from a rainbow. A good omen for my latest AXA adventure.

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