Lookout Montserrat

Lookout Village – Where Montserrat Rises from its Volcanic Ashes

Hard times call us all to be resilient; to sacrifice and sometimes change the way we live forever. The people of Montserrat know this all too well. Their lives were forever changed in the late 1990s by a series eruptions from the Soufriere Hills Volcano. If you’ve ever day-tripped to witness the ruins of the island’s former capital, Plymouth, then you likely know only part of the Montserrat story. The sad part. When you enjoy an extended visit, though, the resiliency of the island and its people shines much brighter than the recent dark past. One of the best places to see and feel this is Lookout Village.

A rainbow of pastel-hued homes set above the sea along Montserrat’s north Atlantic coast, Lookout is the island’s newest settlement. It was founded following the Soufriere Hills eruptions, giving many who lost their homes a new place to start over.

Lookout Village will likely never attain Plymouth’s legendary charm. The views, cooling breezes, and warm community spirit here, though, are special in their own right and emblematic of a bright future for Montserrat.


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