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Love SXM Graffiti Wall

Many different bars, attractions, hotels and the like all across the Caribbean allow you to leave a mark commemorating your visit. One of my favorite examples of this is the graffiti wall at Love SXM. The beach bar/boutique hotel located (appropriately) in the heart of Grand Case on the French side of St. Martin, is, as its name implies, all about love. You feel it in the service and warm hospitality of great bartenders like Julien. You definitely taste it in the great selection of rums, wines, champagnes, cocktails, and beers here. (Rosé all day, anyone?). The elevated view of the sea from the Love SXM balcony bar also adds extra flavor to the imbibing experience. Believe me, the vibe here is so sweet, you’ll definitely want to scribble something up on the wall. I think I did on my last visit two years ago, though I can’t really be sure. One too many shots of the Love SXM “No Name Centipede Rum” could be too blame. (I mean, check out how I looked when I left the bar!!.) I keep staring at this pic looking for something that could possibly be ascribed to me, but nothing really jumps out. Oh well, just another good excuse to head back to Grand Case soon, right?

Do you have anything scribbled on this wall..?

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