Mango tree meeting place in Nassau, The Bahamas

Mango Tree Meeting Place – Adelaide Village, The Bahamas

They may not occupy quite the level of sacred spiritual importance that they do in India, but mangoes are still very much beloved throughout the Caribbean. The King of Fruits, as mangoes are known, represent abundance in the West Indies. Notions of giving, sharing, and community are also strongly linked to the popular summer fruit. It is that last word – community – that’s very much embodied in this mango tree meeting place.

This particular tree is located in Adelaide Village in southern New Providence, The Bahamas. You can, however, find mango trees encircled with benches all throughout the Caribbean..and for good reason.

Seasonal fruit sustenance obviously attracts people to trees like this.

(Sitting on those benches while mangoes are in season, though, is probably not a good idea. Unless you have a hardhat.)

Some nice cooling relief from the sun, though, is no doubt also a huge draw. The tree sits right across the street from the historic Saint James Anglican Church. I could easily envision parishioners sheltering in the shade, or enjoying a sweet mango snack after church services.

Most any mango tree meeting place that you might encounter in the Caribbean provides similar treats and benefits. Look out for them on your travels. Sit awhile and soak it all in. Truly, there are few better or easier ways to meet local residents and ingratiate yourself into their communities.

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