Martinique's Pain de Sucre

Martinique’s Pain de Sucre (Sugarloaf Rock)

It would be easy to think that I’d already seen every corner of Martinique. I mean, I’ve visited The Isle of Flowers almost 20 times in the past 10+ years. None of those trips were of the leisurely, lay about the beach variety either, of course. From Les Salines in the extreme south to Grand Riviere in the north, I’d adventured over the entire island. Well, at least that’s what I thought until my last visit with the wife and kids back in July. It was then, while enjoying a day of touring around with my good friend André La Houssaye, that I came to know Martinique’s Pain de Sucre.

Editor’s note: In addition to being an amazing singer, my friend André is also the best tour guide in Martinique. If you ever need his services, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch!

Location: l’Anse Charpentier in Marigot, a quiet little village nestled along Martinique’s northeastern coast. One of the island’s finest surf beaches, Charpentier’s rough currents make recreational swimming impossible here. More often people come to gaze at the beach’s most striking feature, le Roche de Pain de Sucre, or Sugarloaf Rock.

Steeper and more pronounced than its namesake in Terre-de-Haut (Guadeloupe), Martinique’s Pain de Sucre seemed a much closer cousin to the famous Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil.

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