North West Bluff, Montserrat

North West Bluff – Most Northern Point of Montserrat

Wild, untamed natural beauty. It would be easy for anyone carrying even the most cursory knowledge of Montserrat to assume that a photo like this, thusly described, must showcase the island’s southern environs. After all, the Exclusion Zone, which covers the bottom two-thirds of Montserrat, has been off-limits to the general public for nearly 30 years. Mother Nature has largely reclaimed this area, of course, but it’s not like she’s sleeping on Montserrat’s northern surrounds. North West Bluff is proof.

No Man’s Land in Multiple Ways

Widely recognized as the northernmost point of Montserrat (maps seem to suggest otherwise), North West Bluff rests along the coast just north of Rendezvous Beach. This is no man’s land, both in mystical feel and literal truth as the Bluff is inaccessible. Sadly, at least for now, there are no hiking adventures to be enjoyed here.

If there were, though, they’d open up a uniquely up close and personal view of Montserrat’s ancient volcanic past.

Wild Volcanic Past

North West Bluff towers a good 656 feet above sea level. The peak is comprised of gray/black andesite lava, the kind that emerges from stratovolcanoes as thick magma. Lava from the eruption that formed North West Bluff stretched to the southeast creating a ridge to nearby Valentine Hill.

Land shaping volcanic activity here dates back millions of years; North West Bluff and her surrounding sister mountains providing an uncommon peek at Montserrat’s earliest days.

How to Experience North West Bluff from the Sea

While we can’t trace this amazing history on-foot (at least for now), we can admire its wild beauty from the sea. As we detailed previously, a boat tour circumnavigating around Montserrat is a must-do when visiting our Volcano Paradise. The man to see about just such an adventure is named Buffy (pronounced “boo-fee”). Contact Buffy Tours at Tel: +1 664 492 1570. You can also reach them via email.

When you do, be sure to tell Buffy that Uncommon Caribbean sent you!

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