Small Stage in Port-Salut, Haiti | SBPR

Party Place in Port-Salut, Haiti

Port-au-Prince may be the party capital of the Caribbean, but the same doesn’t necessarily hold true for the rest of Haiti. The star-crossed country covers nearly 11,000 square miles, trailing only Cuba and the Dominican Republic in size among all Caribbean nations. In the outer provinces, known as Departments, you’ll find the same type of laid-back beachy vibe as predominates across much of the rest of the region. This is especially true in Port-Salut. Nestled along the Caribbean coast at the far southwestern edge of Haiti’s Sud Department, Port-Salut is blessed with miles and miles of pristine, palm-lined white sand beaches. Much of all there is to do here is enjoy them, though as this small stage setup I came across on the beach here a few years ago suggests, you can find a good party here from time to time. An annual music festival held in nearby Les Cayes attracts many of Haiti’s top Compas artists, as well as party people from across the Caribbean, the U.S., Canada, and Europe. No doubt, some of the party spills over to Port-Salut, maybe even to this very stage.

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