Plage du Coin, Martinique

Plage du Coin, Martinique – Belle Black Sand and So Much More…

The darker the sand, the more exotic – and by extension, remote – a beach tends to be. Shores like these smack more of wild, untamed adventure than unwinding and getting a tan. This is no universal truth, of course; especially not in Martinique. Along the island’s northwest coast, miles of black sand beaches extend along the shores of quiet fishing villages. Gourmet restaurants and bars dot many of the beaches, the best of which, Le Petibonum, sits just above this surf in La Plage du Coin.

The cozy stretch of silvery sand is located at the southern end of La Plage du Carbet in Le Carbet. There are lots of reasons to visit the historic town.

Ziouka Glaces’ gourmet ice cream, for one. (It’s positively amazing!) The Rhum Neisson Distillery for another. The area is also home to the historic Canal des Esclaves hiking trail and Les Chutes du Carbet, a series of small waterfalls and pools nestled in the rainforest.

No matter what you do here, though, you’ll want to end the day back at la Plage du Coin and Le Petibonum. For me, there’s simply no better place to kick back with a nice ti’ punch and enjoy the sunset in all of Martinique.


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