Poet Reef Sunrise

Poet Reef Sunrise Over the Hills of Hanover Parish, Jamaica

Stays at Poet Reef do not come with the type of dreamy sunrises most people expect of the Caribbean. A golden orb slowly rising from the sea, its light increasingly dancing upon lightly rippling waves as it ascends into the sky? Yeah, a Poet Reef sunrise is not like that. Instead, the villa’s sublimely secluded location along the rocky shores of Cousins Cove in Hanover, Jamaica offers something different. Something more mystical and authentically Jamaican, at least to me. Here, the sun rises over low-lying hills that tumble down to the sea. Prevailing sounds are of birds chirping, fishing boats humming, waves crashing the ironshore. Some days you might also hear children laughing and carrying on as they make their way to school along the old country road that runs astride the villa. Other days hymns ring out from the church just a stone’s throw away. In short, you really feel the quaint, quiet Cousins Cove neighborhood come alive at the start of each day here. You feel connected to the area; like you’re also part of the local community. Yeah, a Poet Reef sunrise is magical like that.

Experience it for yourself.

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