Point Udall morning sunrise
🇻🇮St. Croix

Point Udall Sunrise Memories

Point Udall sunrises on St. Croix are magnificent for so many reasons. Of course, there’s the fact that when you take in the first rays of sunlight here, you’re starting your day before anyone else in the USA. That’s thanks to this picturesque point being the easternmost point of the United States.

There’s also the geological features of the point that add to the uniqueness of the experience. The land abruptly slides down into the sea on three sides. The effect creates a panoramic display of the brilliant brightening sky that’s hard to beat!

Also here is the massive Millennium Monument sundial built atop the point for the 2000 New Year celebration.

But the part of a Point Udall sunrise that always means the most to me (and I say this even at the risk of sounding incredibly cheesy) are the memories.

One of those memories that stands out is driving up here in the middle of the night after my senior prom. Before the monument. Before even a proper road. Before I was old enough to enjoy good rum or mix a proper daiquiri. Before any of it. Me, my date, and a few friends planted ourselves in the back of my pickup truck and watched the end of my high school years play out in a blaze of morning glory. I can almost smell the morning air just thinking about it.

Yeah, that’s one of my favorites. What are yours?

If you don’t have any, now’s as good a time as any to start your day at Point Udall to make some!

(Sidenote: Did you know there’s also a Point Udall at the westernmost point of the United States?)

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