Prickly Pear East

Pristine and Practically Flat Prickly Pear East, Anguilla

It’s not Barbuda, but you can easily see how an inattentive sailor might miss Prickly Pear East. One of the twin Prickly Pear Cays lying six miles north of Anguilla, Prickly Pear East is a prime spot for beach liming and fun. Anything you do here, though, must be done with sustainability in mind. After all, the Prickly Pear Cays constitute one of six marine protected areas in Anguilla. Protections extend to the wildlands, as designated by the Eastern Caribbean Natural Area Management Programme (ECNAMP) in 1980. A variety of nesting birds frequent the Prickly Pear shrubland. Brown boobies, laughing gulls, brown pelicans, least and bridled terns, brown noddies, and red-billed tropicbirds all love it here. You will too, assuming you stay alert and don’t sail right past it…



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