Enon Moravian, Churches of Antigua | Credit: Patrick Bennett

Quaint Country Churches of Antigua

Antigua may be best known for its 365 beaches, its rum shops, beach bars, and sexy good times, but this is also a deeply religious island. Followers of a wide array of faiths reside here and worship freely and peacefully, Rastafarians, Muslims, Hindus, and Jews among them. Christianity, though, is by far the most popular religion. Even if you didn’t know that a good 75% of the population adhered to Christian beliefs, it would become pretty obvious while exploring the island. The quaint, distinctive, and often historic churches of Antigua, like the Enon Moravian Church (est. 1817) that we came across while exploring the Newfield section of St. Philip Parish, are prevalent throughout the island. No matter your beliefs, you’re bound to find a welcome place of worship here.

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