Red Devils Day

Red Devils Day Calm Above the Martinique Carnival Chaos

Red Devils Day in Martinique – the penultimate party of the Caribbean’s longest and most inclusive Carnival. Everyone loosely festooned in anything red; the streets bursting with raw, unbridled joy.

The mayhem escalates quickly beginning around 4pm. One minute downtown Fort-de-France is quiet and peaceful, with small pockets of revelers milling about. The next: wild and wonderful chaos!

Bands of musicians and DJ trucks take over in an instant. Partygoers line the road or fill in behind them, all of the avenues suddenly clogged with red. Everyone gets caught up in the action, thousands of people singing and chanting together. Their voices and emotions only rise higher as Red Devils Day turns to night. It’s easy to loose yourself in the bacchanal.

If you feel like you might need to catch your breath mid-fete, though, then it’s best to be a guest of Hotel L’Imperatrice. The iconic property is known as “Ground Zero” for Martinique Carnival fun. All of the bands pass by here.

If you need to duck upstairs for a Red Devils Day break, as I did when I snapped this image last year, you won’t miss a thing.

Read more about Martinique Carnival and stay tuned for details on how you can join us for the fun in Fort-de-France in the near future…


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