Salt Whistle Bay

Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines

Salt Whistle Bay is what my escapist dreams are made of. Contrary to its name, though, it’s not a bay. Instead, it’s a hotel property. Even that designation, though, does not really do it any justice. 

The retreat rests along the shores of Carnash Bay in northern Mayreau, the smallest of the inhabited Grenadines. The island’s total area is less than a .5 square miles. Population: less than 300.

Indeed, there are no crowds here. 

The thin strip of sandy terra extending north from Salt Whistle Bay personifies beach perfection. Calm Caribbean Sea on one side, breezy Atlantic waters on the other.

Quite literally the best of both worlds.

A small mound rises dramatically just beyond the northern extremes of the beach. All together, it creates one of the more dramatically stunning seascapes in all of the Caribbean.

Oh, and did I mention that Salt Whistle Bay is for sale..? Hmmm…now if I only had $9 million laying around…


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