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Salvador’s Barber Shop, St. Croix

Let’s say you’re in St. Croix and your hair is a mess. You need a haircut. Not a froufrou styling session at some fancy salon. Just a solid cut at an honest price. If you ask around among local Crucians, it’s a good bet they’ll steer you here. Salvador’s Barber Shop is an institution in St. Croix, as much for the great haircuts, old talk, and melee that you can get here as for its charming, historic structure. As noted on the St. Croix Preservation Commission plaque affixed on its exterior, the building has remained under the ownership of the Williams family since 1870. It’s amazing to think that this simple wooden structure could’ve survived nearly 150 hurricane seasons, especially the ones that brought Hugo and Maria. Here Salvador’s continues to stand, though, proudly serving the St. Croix community just as it has for generations.


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