Seaside Sunsets

Seaside Sunsets and Hopeful New Beginnings (Hopefully)

Sunsets are beautiful, awe-inspiring, and all kinds of other rosy things. At the same time, though, they always mark an end of some kind. When most beautiful, awe-inspiring things come to an end, it usually brings sadness. Not in the case of sunsets, however. That goes double for seaside sunsets like the one pictured here, which Patrick captured in Anguilla recently. Sunsets like these spur hopeful feelings in me, often for a brighter future.

My mind has been filled with thoughts of hopeful beginnings embodied by the end of certain things in recent days. The primary reason for this: my twins just graduated from high school. In all my life, I don’t think that I’ve quite enjoyed as beautiful an awe-inspiring end like that.

At the same time, though, we were all reminded last week that far too many school children in the United States never get the chance to enjoy a beautiful, awe-inspiring end to their high school careers. This, of course, through no fault of their own.

Something’s gotta change about that (and/or more than a few of these people) like right now.

Something has to end to give all of our kids a better chance at enjoying beautiful, awe-inspiring tomorrows.

How can you help? The amazing folks at have a lot of good answers.

Check them out online, and if you can, please donate today.

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