Secret Beach at Poet Reef, Jamaica

Steal Away to Secret ‘Beach’ at Poet Reef, Jamaica

There’s no beach at Poet Reef villa. At least not one in the traditional sense most people think of. No soft sands. No gentle waves lapping at the shore. This is not a bad thing, however, as I’ve noted previously. What you lose in sweet-sandy niceness here, you gain in sublime natural seclusion. Still, if you just must have a bit of beach while staying here, Poet Reef offers the serene sanctuary pictured here. The folks at Poet Reef refer to it as their “Secret Beach.” While the ironshore that fronts virtually all of Cousins Cove prevents access to the sea here, you can stretch your toes in the soft white sand beneath the hammock. As steady sea breezes beseech the trees to dance, a rum or Red Stripe in hand, waves crashing along the rocks, and not another soul around; believe me, you won’t find yourself missing any “real” beach here.

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