Stairway to Smuggler's Cove, Saint Lucia
🇱🇨St. Lucia

Stairway to Smuggler’s Cove and The Naked Fisherman, Saint Lucia

It’s 91 steps to the bottom. When you get down there, though, you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. This is the stairway to Smuggler’s Cove, one of the smallest, most secluded, and sexiest stretches of sand in Saint Lucia.

I happened upon the stairs quite by accident while wandering aimlessly around the northwest corner of the island back in December. A sign along the road for something called The Naked Fisherman caused me to stop. I had no idea what it was, but in name alone The Naked Fisherman had me intrigued enough to investigate.

From the road, signs and murals point you toward the steps. A thick tangle of trees growing from the cliffside prevents you from even imagining what’s at the bottom.

Anticipation builds as you descend, the gentle roar of the surf growing louder the further you climb down.

The seaside symphony is soon joined by some nice Lover’s Rock. Beres Hammond never sounded so sweet!

Seafood aromas come next, causing you to pick up your pace. You might even hear a champagne cork popping off, glasses clinking together, and laughs, the lot of it melding beautifully with the surf.

It’s all very enticing, but nothing quite prepares you for how sweet Smuggler’s Cove and The Naked Fisherman really are. 

I’ll have a lot more to share about this very special place in the weeks to come. Stay tuned…


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