🇧🇸Staniel Cay

Beach Volleyball in the Shallows of Staniel Cay, The Bahamas

Bahamian beaches and volleyball pair beautifully together, though rarely in so uncommon a fashion as you’ll find at Staniel Cay. The tiny (under two square miles) island is nestled 75 miles south of Nassau in the Exumas. It’s renowned as a prime jumping off point to Thunderball Grotto and the famous swimming pigs.

(Pigs, though, are not the only four-legged friends you’re liable to find in the waters here.)

Also here, this rather uncommon beach volleyball court. It’s placement in the shallows works to keep players cool. At the same time, every spike and dig gets punctuated with a splash. 

Sure beats a face full of sand, right..?


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett

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