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Dockside Sunday Sunset in Grande Anse-d’Arlet, Martinique

This was the scene one week + three days ago. We’d touched down at Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport amid a rainstorm just three short hours prior. A scenic drive south brought us to Grande Anse-d’Arlet, our home for the next six days. I had my family with me for a change. It was my first time introducing them to my #2 home away from home in the Caribbean. Naturally, I was keen on making a great first impression. Martinique, though, seemed to have other plans…

The earlier rain gave way to an intense humidity. Grey skies persisted, casting a pall over the bay. Topping it all off, though, was the electricity… or lack thereof. All of Grande Anse-d’Arlet was in the dark, ensuring we couldn’t weather the less than ideal welcoming conditions in air-conditioned comfort, or with a cool drink at Ti’ Sable.

The solution, as with other episodes of flawed family travel: Take a walk.

Getting In the Groove of Grande Anse-d’Arlet

From our hillside perch at the northern end of the bay we started south along the surf line. Slight smiles began to form on our faces as the sun fought through the clouds. Several fish jumped in the distance. A cool breeze rustled through the trees. Local kids splashed about in the shallows. Their parents sang out greetings of bonsoir to us. We sang back, our smiles stretching wider. The soothing calm of Sunday afternoon in Grande Anse-d’Arlet settled over us.

Before too long we arrived at the jetty.

Stretching out to sea from the midpoint of the beach, the jetty proved an ideal spot to enjoy what was left of what had been an uneven start to our Martinique adventure. Colorful fish and sea turtles could easily be seen in the waters below as the sun splayed the sky with a glorious show.

Would the hopeful scene be emblematic of the remainder of our trip? Stay tuned for answers in our #martiniquesummer2k19 series coming soon…

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