Sunset Bay Dominica

Sunset Bay Dominica Delivers Sunsets That Don’t Disappoint

While I’ve professed my love of the uncommon splendor of Caribbean sunrises many times in these pages, I confess, I also love a good sunset. So, when I look on a map and see a location named Sunset Bay Dominica, you better believe that I’ll plan to plop myself down (rum in hand) to take in the show. And doing just that on my most recent trip, Sunset Bay didn’t disappoint.

Now, the first thing you should know about Sunset Bay is its real name, Batalie Bay. It’s come to be known as Sunset Bay Dominica thanks to the Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort, which was built overlooking the sand there back in 1997.

Sunset Bay is comprised of four sturdy, single-story concrete buildings. There are eight standard double rooms, four quads, and one bungalow suite in its own cottage. All of it is overseen by Mr. Roger, a colorful Belgian always ready with a laugh, a rum, and a European dish or two.

Mr. Roger’s claim to fame, though, is his lobster. People come from far and wide to try his many crustacean creations. And from the looks of it, they all walk away very happy.

As I mentioned before, though, I wasn’t there for the lobster, or a room for that matter.

No, I was there for the rum and the sunset.

Thankfully, Sunset Bay Dominica delivered. A generous pour of El Dorado 15 in hand, I sat on the patio directly above the sand and settled in for the show.

How was it? Well, Just look at the photo above. Coupled with the serene surroundings, sipping rum, and shoreline sounds, the explosion of lavenders, oranges, crimsons, and golds was just what I’d come to expect from The Nature Island. That is to say, it was perfect.

Sunset Bay is about a 40-minute drive north of Roseau and about 30 minutes south Portsmouth. The sunsets are easily worth the trip.

Of course, if sunsets are *really* your thing, you might prefer to stay right there at the Sunset Bay Club Beach Resort.

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