Sweet Spa Seating Above The Sea At Curtain Bluff, Antigua

Sweet Spa Seating Above The Sea At Curtain Bluff, Antigua

As choice seats go, these are tough to beat. You can find them at Curtain Bluff, one of our favorite resorts in Antigua, or anywhere else for that matter. Specifically, these seats form part of The Spa at Curtain Bluff. You know those indoor, overly-air-conditioned waiting areas at other fancy spas? Yeah, they don’t have that here. Instead, your pre- and post-treatment relaxation is enjoyed al fresco, chilling on a posh perch like this just above the sea.

Out in the distance you might spy Montserrat, St. Kitts, Nevis, or even Redonda, the most far-flung corner of Antigua and Barbuda. Within arm’s reach, refreshing teas brewed from herbs picked fresh from The Spa’s garden further put you at ease.

To your left, a cozy Jacuzzi set into the cliff’s edge tempts you to linger here an extra bit longer. The sun setting just behind the promontory directly in front of you pays off the full experience, drawing you back here again and again…

Curtain Bluff is set to re-emerge from its temporary closure due to COVID-19 on October 24, 2020. To get up-to-speed on the hotel’s coronavirus response, and how it will impact your next stay, visit the Curtain Bluff website.


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