Statia from the sky | Credit: Cees Timmers

Swooning Over Statia From The Window Seat

It’s a practice I’ve long enjoyed – snapping photos of Caribbean islands from the window seat. From my earliest days as a fledging photo buff, Minolta Talker in tow, through to today, I’ve always eschewed sleep and/or inflight movies in favor of the real show outside.

I must’ve captured images of hundreds of islands over the years. The one pictured here, though, has so far eluded me.

This is St. Eustatius, better known as Statia. Home to mystical blue beads and one of the coolest volcano hikes around, Statia is uncommon in every way. It’s surprising, then, that my passport bears no stamps from Statia… yet.

I’m working on correcting this in 2019, of course. Here’s hoping I can snag a photo like this of my own to share in a future post later this year…

*Photo credit: Cees Timmers




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