Club Med Jetty, Martinique

The Most Stylish Jetty in the Caribbean

Style is not usually a consideration when it comes to jetty construction. In Martinique, though, panache is part of everyday life. Local fashions worn on the streets of Fort-de-France… The seductive rhythms of bélé and zouk… Culinary triumphs by local celebrity chefs like Guy “Chef Hot Pants” Ferdinand… The sublime sophistication of Martinican rhum agricole… Martinique oozes style in many marvelous ways.

The aesthetic even extends to the jaw-dropping jetty featured above. (Also here and here.)

It’s located at Club Med Buccaneer’s Creek. The legendary resort, originally established in 1969 as Club Med’s first outpost in the Caribbean, sits just outside the village of Sainte-Anne in southern Martinique. The style quotient here received a nice boost with the complete teardown and reconstruction of the property just prior to 2010. 

Long gone are the heady and decidedly more hedonistic Club Med days. The party, though, is still pretty nice here. It’s just the surroundings, including this landmark jetty, are a lot nicer now.

*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett


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