Trinidad Scarlet Ibis

Trinidad’s Scarlet Ibis – Vibrant Symbol of Sweet TnT

Some things just stand out naturally. They’re way too vibrant, too beautiful, sweet, and full of life to blend in. Trinidad and Tobago fits the motif more so than most places. Even among the colorful menagerie of Caribbean nations, Sweet, Sweet TnT stands apart.

Its infectious Carnival – the World’s Greatest Street Party. Its savory cuisine – a sublime celebration of spice.

Natural wonders extending to and benefiting all corners of the globe originate here.

The first black Miss Universe? Yeah, she’s a Trini.

Calypso was born here too, as was the steelpan, the only acoustic instrument invented in the entire 20th century!

All of this reminds me of this image of  Trinidad’s national bird, the Scarlet Ibis. I snapped it while touring around the Caroni Swamp a few years ago.

It strikes me that the bird, like the country it represents, distinguishes itself boldly and brightly no matter where it goes. Its vibrance, impossible to subdue; its beauty, impossible to ignore…

Cheers and Happy 58th Independence Day to all of our Trinbagonian family and friends!

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