Turners Beach Antigua

Turners Beach Antigua – Up to Take a Turn?

Is Turners Beach Antigua just another of Antigua’s fabled 365 shores, or is it a special stop that should cause you to turn in for a visit—whether you’re passing via boat or car?

Why Turners Beach Antigua

There are a lot of things that make a beach truly special and Turners Beach Antigua has almost all of them.

First, Turners is graced with sparkling white sand. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I love a black sand beach as well. I think it just looks best when the sand is on either end of the spectrum. Either jet black or brilliant white. And Turners delivers on the brighter side of life.

From there, you’ve got the calm, crystal clear, turquoise waters. But here that clarity leads to another reason Turners is so great: solid snorkeling. Take a look at the photo, and you’ll see that with a few paddles you could be floating over little rocky habitats perfect for small fish. You may even spot some rays.

Now, here’s where things become a little subjective.

Sometimes, to me, the best beaches are the ones as far away from civilization as possible. You know the ones that require a plane, another smaller plane, a boat, and then a hike to reach. But sometimes, well, I really just want to pull up in a car and step out into the sand. Turners Beach Antigua is the latter type of beach.

Located right off Valley Road near Johnsons Point in the south west of the island, Turners Beach couldn’t be more accessible. And with that easy access comes facilities and beach chair rentals. (~$10 for the day)

And did I mention the restaurants? When your thirst or hunger finally pulls you away from that sand, you won’t have to go far. There’s Turners Beach Bar, Jacqui O’s Beachhouse, and OJ’s Beach Bar & Restaurant—all right on the sand. And for a real local hole worth visiting, there’s Cavell’s!

To turn or not to turn

So, will you be making the turn into Turners Beach Antigua? Are the roadside bleach white sand, azure waters, snorkeling, and dining delights your style? Or will you keep motoring on past?

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