Yellow Poinciana
🇻🇮St. Croix

Yellow Poinciana: Lesser-Known, Yet No Less Stunning Flamboyant Tree

Royal Poinciana trees (aka: flamboyant trees) are as stunning a representation of Mother Nature’s true majesty as we have in the Caribbean. The vivacious explosion of red-orange blossoms they produce each summer ranks among the greatest rewards of off-peak travel to the Caribbean. As we’ve noted before, though, red-orange isn’t the only flower color sported by these beauties. Behold the yellow poinciana in all of its dazzling glory. Much less prevalent than its red-orange cousin, the yellow poinciana (Delonix regia flavida) is no less spectacular. This one, in particular, is easily the most beautiful that I’ve ever seen. You can find it at the Featherleaf Inn on my home island of Saint Croix. A holistic commitment toward living well and in concert with nature envelopes every aspect of the guest experience here. A fitting place for such a special tree.

Check out our friends at Featherleaf online for more details and to book your next STX escape.

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