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Anchored Ahead of a Squall on Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos

Bad weather and sailing don’t mix.

The thought crossed my mind a few times during the early moments of my most recent sunset sail in Provo a few weeks ago.

My fab hosts at Ocean Club East had arranged the excursion aboard the S/V Atabeyra, a 77-foot traditional trading schooner refitting some years ago into a charter yacht. Just the thought of hopping aboard such a historic vessel, said to be among the last of its kind anywhere in the islands, was thrilling to me.

The sight of some rather ominous storm clouds in our path, though, gave me some pause. Perhaps the late-afternoon would be better spent back amid the comfy beach surrounds back at the resort…

Luck was with us, though, as the squall passed on by just north of us, adding a bit of drama to the atmosphere during our brief beach anchorage on Pine Cay ahead of what turned out to be the very best sunset charter cruise I’ve ever enjoyed anywhere.

Much more on this great experience another day. For now, be sure to check in with Captain David Douglas and his Atabeyra crew online and like them on Facebook.

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