All The Ingredients For The Perfect TCI Sunset

What makes the perfect TCI sunset?

For some people it’s a perfectly-placed beach bar like the Cabana Bar and Grill at Ocean Club. I mean, you’re right on the sand and your view is something like this… What’s not to like?

For others, it’s an event; a happening or party where the thrills and excitement only get heightened as the sunlight fades away. In Provo, that means the Tuesday Night Beach BBQ at The Somerset, or the Island Fish Fry held every Thursday at the Bight.

Still others prefer a bit of seclusion, something that thankfully is in no short supply along the 12+ miles of Grace Bay Beach.

Me? I like all of these options, though seeing the sun settle into the sea while sailing aboard the S/V Atabeyra off the coast of Grace Bay in many ways tops them all.

It’s not so much the boat itself, though it is special, or the powerful rum punch served throughout the excursion. Indeed, the true treasures here are Captain David Douglas and his amazing crew.

Every time I look back on images like this one, which I snapped while sailing aboard Atabeyra last June, I’m mostly reminded of the wonderful company and how special David and his crew made me feel.

Learn more about Captain David, his crew, and Atabeyra here.

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