Julia Maximo Shares Her Perfect Day in Provo

Editor’s note: Julia Maximo has it good. As the longtime PR rep for Ocean Club Resorts, she’s visited Providenciales, Turks and Caicos at least twice-a-year for each of the past 16 years! It’s in her contract to go there and have fun! So, what are Julia’s favorite TCI to-do’s? Read on to find out…

Favorite way to start the day in Provo?

Walking Grace Bay from Ocean Club toward Leeward. There’s no development along that stretch of Grace Bay. The beach appears to end at a rocky area in the water, but if you keep going you’ll see it continues with another stretch of pristine sand. Along the way there’s also a small tree that people decorate with clothes, sunglasses, and a collection of other items. I always want to check it out.

Grace Bay Scarecrow, Provo

Grace Bay Scarecrow | SBPR

What next?

I like trying something new each time I’m in Provo. Kiteboarding, flyboarding, scuba diving, horseback riding on the beach –– there’s always something new to try here. And if not a new activity, I’m always up for exploring another Turks and Caicos island.

Horseback riding in the sea off Long Bay, Provo

Horseback riding in the sea off Long Bay, Provo | SBPR

Most memorable sunset experience?

I’m biased, of course, but to me the best sunsets on Provo are seen at Ocean Club’s Cabana. I remember one where the sky turned pink as if to match our signature pink umbrellas. I would also recommend a sunset cruise. The colors pop and become more and more vibrant as the sun goes down.

Provo Sunset Sail

Provo Sunset Sail | SBPR

One thing you can’t leave Provo without doing/tasting/experiencing?

Stopping by Potcake Place to cuddle with the pups. Makes it a little easier to be away from my furbabies.

Thanks, Julia, for sharing a small sample of your special style of Provo living with us. For more on the fun on offer at Julia’s home away from home in TCI, be sure to visit Ocean Club Resorts online.

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