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Photo Of The Day: Plaza De Las Palomas, Puerto Rico

We don’t spend a lot of time telling you where not to go in the Caribbean. Positive is how we live, you know?

If you’re like me, though, and aren’t all that keen on getting up close and personal with birds, then you may not like la Plaza de las Palomas.

Located right next to Capilla del Cristo Chapel, the tiny park provides a relaxing respite from the ancient city’s bustling streets; plenty of shade, comfy benches, and a fantastic view of San Juan Harbor all combining to create a magically peaceful setting.

Except (for me), of course, for the pigeons.

As at other historic public plazas all over the world, vendors sell bird food here, encouraging visitors to keep any and all pigeons who venture here very well fed. This attracts lots of ’em…

LOTS and LOTS of them!

The great photo above captures the unique, err, horror color of Plaza de las Palomas as vividly as any image of the place I’ve ever seen. If you dare to go and need to settle your nerves afterward, walk across the street to this uncommon little cocktail bar and spa


*Photo credit: Flickr user Thomas Shahan.

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