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Saturday Video: Surfing in Rincón, Take 2

SASS Global Travel | Rincon, Puerto Rico

A little more than a year ago, I famously mistook a video of surfers reveling in Rincón, California for what I thought was Rincón, Puerto Rico. I featured the footage here as part of our Saturday Video series, causing a bit of confusion that was thankfully alleviated by a sharp-eyed reader. Today, I hope to make up for the error with this great promotional video from SASS Global Travel.

In case you don’t know ’em, SASS is one of the world’s leading providers of action-sports and adventure travel experiences, with surfing in Rincón among their top offerings. You can easily see why in the video.

Not only is the surfing world-class, but the rustic eco-accommodations in sustainable treehouses are a dream for anyone wishing to combine some real communing with nature with an epic surf adventure. The treehouses offer many of the comforts of home – kitchens, showers, toilets, etc. – with clean, solar energy powering the whole place.

From your elevated perch high in one of the treehouse, you can gauge the surf conditions on the beaches below, maximizing your time on the waves. SASS packages also come with the services of an experienced local surf guide, further ensuring you’ll ride as many waves as possible during your trip, and get the full effect of the authentic Rincón scene.

Check out SASS Global online for more details on their surfing excursions in Rincón and beyond (but not California).

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