Vintage Puerto Rico
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Vintage Puerto Rico: Visiting in 1953

Many of the best things about visiting Puerto Rico are the same today as they’ve always been. If you don’t believe me, just check out today’s featured video, a promo film produced by the island’s Visitor’s Bureau back in 1953.

As someone who used to work with the Puerto Rico Tourism Company to market the island’s tourism attributes in the mid-1990s, I’m fascinated by the hotels, attractions, cultural curiosities, and special off-the-beaten-path enclaves featured in the film. Almost all of them were huge cogs in our promotional initiatives 40+ years later!

Not everything’s the same, of course. I never even knew there once was a golf course in and around El Morro!

Still, the Puerto Rico of today still bears many of the same 1950s treasures for travelers to experience and enjoy. Take a look and see how much of what’s old in Puerto Rico remains new…

Lead photo credit: Coleccion Pinero via Flickr.

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