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The Horror Movie Inspired From Beyond The Grave in Jayuya, Puerto Rico

You wouldn’t much associate the Caribbean with horror movies. Neither Jason Voorhees nor Freddy Krueger ever vacationed in our islands… at least not to my knowledge.

(Oh wait, I stand corrected.)

So, it was with more than a little surprise that I learned recently of After Death, a most uncommon horror flick conceived amid the verdant Caribbean slopes pictured above.

This is Jayuya, the mystical mountain region of central Puerto Rico that just happens to be one of my favorite places on earth.

I last visited here about 20 years ago as part of my day job duties helping to create TV magic for the BBC with this supposedly high-maintenance diva. If our boozy adventures in Old San Juan hadn’t softened up her hard edges already, the time we spent in Jayuya certainly did.

Crisp, cool weather, super-friendly people living a very laid-back simple country lifestyle, and stunning natural beauty combine magically in Jayuya to put even the most harried mind at ease. All around here is like being in a dream, the moist air and low-hanging clouds creating an enchanting, fantasy-like environment.

(Here’s where you’ll want to check in when visiting Jayuya.)

If you believe the origin story of After Death, these elements also made Jayuya the ideal place for the film’s producers to find a scriptwriter… from beyond the grave!

The movie looks perfect for some late-night chills, though you’d have no worries of similar frights when visiting Jayuya. Like the temperatures here, which rarely edge above 80-degrees, everything in Jayuya is just cool.


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Jorge Rodriguez.

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