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Uncommon Photo-Op: San Juan Cemetery

Everyone knows the Caribbean is a photographer’s paradise. Throughout the region, exotic birds, vibrant flora/fauna and impossibly blue seas mix with historic attractions, palatial resorts, and friendly smiles to create an endless supply of excellent subjects. For shutterbugs seeking to train their lenses on something a bit out of the ordinary, however, there’s always the local cemetery.

Like the fabled cemeteries in New Orleans, the Caribbean’s historic final resting places are adorned with intricate statues, imposing mausoleums and ornate tombstones. Virtually everything is bathed in varying shades of stained white that contrast nicely with those same impossible blues and vibrant flora/fauna.

Many of the best photo-ops can be found in the region’s oldest cemeteries, like Puerto Rico’s Cementerio de San Juan (San Juan Cemetery) where the above image was captured.

Of course, you’ll want to take great care and show the utmost respect when snapping photos in these sacred places. About.com lists additional tips that can ensure you end up with great images here.

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