Entering Saba – One Wait You Won’t Hate to Make

It’s not the sexiest travel photo I’ve ever snapped, but it’s one that will likely stir emotions in me for the rest of my days.

If you’ve ever come ashore at Fort Bay Terminal, perhaps you feel the same.

I could hardly contain my excitement standing here a few months ago, mere steps from my first-ever Saba experience. Like everyone else who arrives in this most uncommon corner of the Dutch Caribbean by boat, I had to wait in a decent-sized line that stretched outside the Harbour Office and back down the dock.

Waiting inside were some very friendly customs and immigration officials, the lot of them seemingly giddy at our arrival. In the line, a collection of equally giddy locals and adventurers eager to make their way up to The Bottom, or down to the scuba treasures beneath Saba’s waves.

I generally loathe waiting in lines… ANY kind of lines.

This one, though, seemed more like a party. Even amid some serious heat and intermittent rain the mood never changed, the smiles never waned.

You could feel it – everyone just wanted to be there; felt special to be there at the veritable pearly gates to the heaven on earth that is Saba.

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