Scout’s Place ‘Sabaoke’ Night, Saba’s Best (and Only?) Weekly Party

Richie Diesterheft (puroticorico) via flickr

In our recent conversation with Mark Yokoyama about the special scuba diving in Saba, we learned a lot about the island’s unique pinnacles, underrated shallow reefs, geothermal sand and abundant undersea wildlife. All of this (and that yummy Saba Spice) has us sold on visiting the tiny Dutch Caribbean paradise some day soon, but what, we wondered, is there to do in Saba once the sun goes down? Does the nightlife match the undersea wildlife?

The answer, not surprisingly, is no, though Mark did clue us in on one particular weekly party that any visitor to Saba won’t want to miss.

It’s called “Sabaoke,” a play on Saba and karaoke, and it’s held every Friday night at Scout’s Place, a combination hotel, restaurant, bar and dive operator.

Hey, hey, hey – don’t roll your eyes at me! I’m no fan of karaoke either. Still, we’re willing to trust our buddy, Mark, on this one…

If you’re coming from Brooklyn or St. Martin or pretty much anywhere and wonder what on earth people do for fun on an island with 1,800 people, this is the answer. It rocks, and I don’t think there’s anything else you can do that will tell you as much about what it’s like to live on Saba.

That last bit is what gets me: I don’t think there’s anything else you can do that will tell you as much about what it’s like to live on Saba. We’re all about experiencing how the locals live everywhere we go. If singing karaoke will give us that insight into life in Saba, then so be it!

Sabaoke kicks off every Friday night at 8:30pm, and attracts all types of Saba residents and visitors, even local politicians.

Mark says “it’s a party,” and how can we argue with the guy who introduced Patrick to the most exclusive “underground” club in St. Maarten last year?

If you’ve had the chance to belt out a few tunes during the weekly Sabaoke Night party at Scout’s Place, tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below.

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