My Surprise First Meal in Saba: Taste of the Caribbean

That my first meal in Saba came loaded with goat was really no surprise. As available meats go, the hearty hollow-horned mammals are the primary option in this rugged, small, and seriously vertical landscape.

The surprise was more about the way the goat was prepared and presented – in a spicy red sauce with a side of rice and beans a lo estilo Dominicano.

The savory combo, complete with an ice-cold cerveza Presidente, had me feeling like I was back in Santo Domingo, an effect carried out completely by design at Topo Gigio.

The music, a mix of merengue, reggaeton, and salsa. The language spoken almost exclusively throughout the bar, Spanish. The nationality of everyone I met working there, Republica Dominicana.

With its remote location and modest population of less than 2,000 residents, you might not think of Saba as much of a cultural melting pot. I sure didn’t.

After hitching a ride up to The Bottom with a woman from Colombia and settling in at Topo Gigio to enjoy this hearty lunch, I realized that I had A LOT to learn about this special little island.

Topo Gigio lists its hours on Facebook as “Always Open,” though its menu says they serve food 11am to 3pm, and 6pm to 10pm. In addition to the sweet goat stew dish I enjoyed, the usual bar food – burgers, wings, nachos, etc. – is always on offer.

Go for the goat and the singularly Santo vibe in a place where you might not expect it.

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