The Caribbean’s ‘Other’ Diamond Rock in Saba: Uncommon Attraction

Diamonds come in many varied colors, shapes, and sizes, a truth that applies as much to engagement rings as it does to two of the Caribbean’s most uncommon dive sites.

Remember Martinique’s Diamond Rock and its unique undersea cave that allows divers to traverse the entire length of the island? Well, on a recent stop in Saba, I came across its smaller cousin.

The Diamond Rock pictured above is one of the amazing pinnacles found throughout the waters that surround Saba. As our friend Mark Yokoyama told us awhile back, the Saba pinnacles are a unique dive experience – conical underwater mountains rising 80-100 feet from the sea floor lined with vibrant corals and teeming with extra-large sea life… amazing!

Diamond Rock is the most famous of these pinnacles in part because it’s the only one that’s not fully-submerged. I captured the image above from the high speed ferry that connects St. Maarten with Saba. The jagged peak rising sharply from the rough seas was impossible to miss as we rounded Saba’s northwestern edge en route to Fort Bay on the southern shore.

As you can see, it’s smaller than Martinique’s Diamond Rock, which soars some 600 feet above sea level.

Saba’s Diamond Rock is also mostly white, thanks to the “decorating” skills of the many seabirds that make their home here. Tons of seabirds nest on Martinique’s Diamond Rock as well, but the land mass is too big and verdant for them to change the color scheme to the extent achieved in Saba.

Just as in Martinique, there’s no going ashore at Saba’s Diamond Rock, which is just as well considering that the real fun lies beneath the waves.

Ever dive Saba’s Diamond Rock? Share your experience in the comments section below…

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