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Kandara Villa Anguilla

Kandara Villa Anguilla – Uncommon Envy

Having it all in Anguilla can mean different things to different people. I'm sure, though, that most would picture it something like Kandara Villa Anguilla.
Looking forward to emptying a few glasses at Shell's Beach Bar, Martinique | SBPR

Shell’s Beach Bar, Martinique: Uncommon Envy

Shell's Beach Bar, Martinique remains unknown to me. This video I just ran across on their Facebook page, though, suggests I need to change that ASAP... 
Brewers Bay, St. Thomas | SBPR
🇻🇮St. Thomas

Hiking Above Brewers Bay, St. Thomas: Uncommon Envy

High in the hills above Brewers Bay, St. Thomas sits a dark rock outcropping plainly visible from the sand. In it, we hear there's a cave.
Sandcastle Beach House, Anguilla

Sandcastle Beach House, Anguilla: Uncommon Envy

Anguilla always tops my wish list of islands to re-visit each year. For 2019, my desire to return here is stronger than ever. Sandcastle Beach House is why.
Sandpiper Inn, Abaco, The Bahamas

Sandpiper Inn, Abaco, The Bahamas: Uncommon Envy

The Abaco Islands often star in my dreams about returning to The Bahamas. Lately, those dreams have centered on South Abaco and the Sandpiper Inn.
The Old Fort Estate, Bequia

The Old Fort Estate, Bequia: Uncommon Envy

Five+ years have passed since my last visit to Bequia, yet my love for this special little corner of St. Vincent's Grenadines keeps growing stronger.
There goes Patrick Sailing around Belize without me | Credit: Patrick Bennett

Sailing Around Belize (Or Anywhere Else) With My Brother: Uncommon Envy

I've sailed around a little. As for the type of charter adventure sailing around Belize that one lucky UC fan will win via our latest sweepstakes, well...
Boca Ketu, Aruba | SBPR

Boca Ketu, Aruba: Uncommon Envy

In addition to wild hiking adventures to such notable attractions as the Conchi Natural Pool, Arikok National Park is also where you'll find a series of sublime little coves tailor-made for uncommon exploring and the type of secluded beach fun we love. Among them: Boca Ketu.
Village de la Pointe, Martinique

Village de la Pointe, Martinique: Uncommon Envy

Right now, I think the spot best-suited for my next family trip to Martinique is a place I've only heard a bit about: Le Village de la Pointe.