🇰🇾Cayman Islands

March 17

The Cayman Islands Government recently announced the decision taken to close airports for a period of three weeks starting from Sunday, 22nd March 2020 through to Sunday, 12th April 2020.

To assist persons who will be departing the islands, the visitor extension process at Customs and Border control has been temporarily varied for visitors and work permit holders.

  • Visitors whose permission to remain in the islands will expire between the 22nd March 2020 to 31st March 2020 will not be required to submit a Visitor Extension Application. Visitors will not have to present themselves to a Customs and Border Control Officer and no action will be taken for permission that expires between those dates.
  • Departing work permit holders whose permission to continue working will expire on or before the 22nd March 2020, are not required to appear before a Customs and Border Control Officer to submit a Visitor Extension Application. These persons can proceed with departing the islands prior to airport closures.

The travelling public is reminded that outbound flights will operate as usual through Sunday 22nd March 2020.

Additionally, from 11:59 pm on Sunday 22nd March all bars will be closed and restaurants will be restricted to take out and delivery only. In addition, all gyms, spas and public swimming pools will close as of the same date for an initial 2 week period.

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