Latest update from Johnathan Johnson, Governor of Saba:

First, we would like to reassure you that there are still no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 on Saba. Please continue to practice Social Distancing, which includes keeping physical distance between yourself and others, not having or attending gatherings with large groups such as dinner events, house parties, or birthday parties. To our vulnerable members in the community, we would like to request that you stay home or away from large gatherings as much as possible and that others are mindful of them by refraining from having close physical contact unless necessary. Residents who are in self-quarantine, are asked to continue to do so until instructed differently from health officials. Any returning residents as of today will be required to enter into mandatory quarantine.

Many of you know that two persons entered the island yesterday who were not supposed to. These two persons have since left the island this afternoon. Our policy is that only registered residents of Saba may now enter the island. And while many wonder if these also refer to others who are from here or has family here, it does not. An example is my brother, who was born here, but lives in St. Maarten, is currently also not allowed to enter the island.

As for traveling to or through St. Maarten, currently, only residents of St. Maarten are allowed to enter the island. Meaning that people who wish to transit through the island are no longer allowed to. In addition to this, Winair has now stopped its regular scheduled service to Saba but will have chartered flights available if and when needed.

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