March 24

The latest from the Anguilla government:

  • Testing in Anguilla – we will soon have the capability to test for COVID19 on island. Given the newness of this virus and the equipment we have,
    these results will need to be verified by CARPHA but this is a huge step
  • Travel restrictions – air and sea ports closed to passenger movements for 14 days from 11.59pm on Friday 20 March. There will be no exceptions other than declared medical emergencies.
  • Border control – The Royal Anguilla Police Force, the Department of Immigration and the Customs Department have stepped up patrols by land, sea and air to curtail any illegal entry.
  • Food and other supplies – the movement of cargo into Anguilla remains unrestricted. Supermarkets and merchants assure us that supply lines are open and will remain so. There is no need to hoard or to panic buy. The same applies for petrol, diesel and cooking gas. Supplies have not been interrupted.
  • One again let us remind you of the Ministry of Health hotline on COVID19. The number is 1-264- 476-7627 or 476 SOAP.
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